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    Nioh 2 Now Has Input Icons For Mouse And Keyboard! But, crashes more frequently!

    Nioh 2 is a game that has lots of good things going for it. It is a souls-like game that was developed by Team Ninja and Kou Shibusawa. The game was available for the PlayStation 4 ever since March 2020. However, the PC version was just released a month back. The game became really successful with lots of copies sold. However, one issue that a lot of players complained about was the lack of input icons for mouse, and keyboard users.

    What happened was that the game only showed the input icons for the controllers. So, for mouse, and keyboard users, they had to figure it out by themselves. Originally, Nioh 2 was launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. So, the developers just added the prompts for control in terms of controller buttons. However, when the PC version arrived, the developers did not add new input icons for the primary input devices of a PC, which are the mouse, and keyboard. It caused an issue for several players, specifically those who were playing it using a mouse, and keyboard.

    This has now been fixed, by the addition of new input icons for the mouse, and keyboard. This change happened as part of the Patch 1.27, which also added a whole lot of other bugs. However, not everything is good with this new patch. It turns out, that although this patch fixes lots of things, it also breaks some. And, the thing it breaks is the game itself. It turns out that this new Patch 1.27 causes the game to crash for a whole lot of players.

    The Steam discussion page for the game consists of various posts by players complaining about the crashes. Some say it is happening when they are trying to play with other players, some say it is happening during the missions, and some even say that it does not crash for them at all. Team Ninja has even responded to one of the tweets made by another Twitter user regarding the crash. The reply that the team implies that the team is currently investigating as to what is causing the issue.

    So, yes it is quite unfortunate that the team does not yet know why these crashes are occuring. But, we believe that a fix would soon be deployed in the form of a new patch. The only caveat here is that we do not know when will that happen. Till then, all we can do is wait.


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