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    A Zombies Invasion Is The Surprise Package For Call Of Duty: Warzone

    The Call Of Duty: Warzone has long been popular among gaming fans and recently there has been a
    surprise in store. There was a teaser launched last week and it hinted that the game could be receiving a
    zombie invasion. A look at the teaser tells us that there is the scope of Verdansk being overtaken by
    undead hordes. This is the precise package going out to steamers and there is another clue. 
    This new package is in place to mark the first anniversary of Warzone and as you look out for tweets
    there are enough indications. As you closely look at some tweets, the first indications are of an orange
    prison jumpsuit. It has got the term captured printed on it. A specific tweet making headlines also boasts
    of a small card, which also has a Warzone logo.  The material printed on the card gives a hint and it
    clearly indicates that there is no second chance after losing the battle here. What we could guess from
    the leads is that the outer prison is a hostile rich environment. If you are looking at a safe spot, it is the
    ghoul ag. 
    The term ghoul ag sounds awkward and it is a wordplay on the gulag. It is a unique environment in the
    warzone and this offers scope for a player to fight back into the main match. However, what we could
    guess is that the ghoul part generates a horror feeling. There is a note also running and it states that the
    outer territory will be overrun by Zombies. This can impact the gulag second chance machine. 
    The teaser has also given the impression that Zombies will invade Verdansk. There are indications that
    this invasion will be out of control and Verdansk will be nuked to solve undead problems. This is the big
    change to Warzone on its first anniversary and gaming fans will love it.


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